Vault by Vans

What is Vans Vault

Whats Vans Vault? Vans Vault is a premium version of the OG series, that is available in Czech Republic and Slovakia only in Footshop. Apart from OG Vans Vault, interesting collaborations like Taka Hayashi x Vans Vault, that were inspired by American Indians, already exist. The contrast to this collaboration was the image of underground psychedelic artwork from the controversial artist Robert Williams. From the other end of the world, Gosha Rubinskiy has captured the environment of the skate punk culture of young Russian teenagers. This was just a little taste of what Vans Vault has already created.

Are you interested in the differences between Van Vault and classic Vans? The true difference is visible for those, who now how to search for it. Thanks to that, they have it´s unique magic, and also because of other aspects than their visual differences. We will help you to find the differences between the classic line and the Vault on first sight, and help you to become a true Vans expert. We believe that you too will discover the magic of these sneakers.

Vans Vault vs. Vans Classics

  • Elevated sole
  • Original cut
  • Better insert sole, more comfort
  • The original blue vans tag
  • Vans originals logo on the heel side
Vans Vault Vans Classic
  • Classic sole around the shoe
  • Modern cut
  • Classic insert sole
  • Classic white vans tag
  • Vans logo on the heel side